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In 1856 Alexander Graham returned to his native Crieff on completion of Law Classes in Edinburgh and set up in business. He built a flourishing practice, became Town Clerk in 1880 and also served as Clerk to a number of the old School Boards. On his death in 1885, the business was carried on by Malcolm Finlayson, and the name “Graham and Finlayson” was used from then on. Mr. Finlayson, who came from Blackford, also trained in Edinburgh and was Provost of Crieff for 12 years. The legal practice was carried on into the 20th Century by succeeding partners – the current partners being Robert Bolton and David Smart.



The Firm considers it of vital importance to uphold the long-established traditions of personal service and attention to detail and is pleased to have extremely loyal staff who have over 100 years of service between them. The Firm has not been slow to recognise the benefits which properly applied technology can bring and equipment is kept up-to-date to ensure that clients work is handled with speed and efficiency. Being a small practice brings the advantage for our clients that they receive a very personal service and know who is assisting them throughout an item of work.

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